BMW will use recycled fishing nets to make interior and exterior parts


To show that the German automaker is fully meeting its climate targets, BMW is announcing that it will use recycled fishing nets in its NEUE KLASSE (“new class” in English, referring to BMW’s new electric powertrain) set to launch this week. expected in 2025.

The material must be proactively sourced from ports around the world to ensure it does not end up being dumped overboard. Marine industry waste will be used to produce interior and exterior trim, components resulting in an approximately 25% lower carbon footprint than their counterparts made from conventionally made plastics. This will be in cooperation with the Danish company Plastix.

Using plastic waste from the shipping industry as a raw material will help the BMW Group save resources and reduce CO2 emissions. By reusing this waste as raw materials, BMW’s reliance on petroleum-based primary plastics is reduced and ocean pollution is thwarted. Everyone wins.

Currently, this recycled nylon waste is created from discarded fishing nets and used floor coverings, as well as residual waste from plastics production, which is then turned into a synthetic yarn called Econyl.

That being said, BMW realizes the importance of sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse told the car group’s annual meeting: “A climate-friendly car is not created solely by using green energy. We must design our vehicles in a sustainable way from day one of their development: reduce the amount of materials used to manufacture them and, above all, plan for reuse and recycling from the start. In the face of rising commodity prices, this is not only an environmental imperative, but also a commercial imperative”.

More importantly, plastic waste is currently a MAJOR problem in our oceans. More than 100 million pounds of plastic waste lost from fishing gear ends up in our oceans every year, according to a new study.

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