Black paint splattered on Interior Health headquarters door – Kelowna News


Black oil-based paint is splattered on an entrance to Interior Health’s Kelowna headquarters on Doyle Avenue.

The vandalism is believed to have happened on Tuesday evening between 10:30 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. The IH building manager said the Castanet cameras were unable to detect suspects in the dark.

When the manager arrived at the building early Wednesday morning, he said the paint can was left in a mess. There was no indication of a reason.

Kelowna RCMP were notified and a graffiti removal company was called.

Due to the type of paint used, it is believed that the vandalism will remain on the sidewalk, but should be able to be removed from most of the building. It is estimated that the mess will cost several thousand dollars to clean up.

Right next to IH, Pharmasave says they weren’t surprised to see their neighbor targeted.

“Honestly, it’s awful, but we’re not even surprised,” said manager Lisa Prodaniuk, adding that her store has also been hit by crime.

“We had two windows broken, other labels damaged and things like that. We had flights daily, daily, multiple times a day,” she said.

Prodaniuk says she hasn’t reached out to the Kelowna RCMP much lately because she says she’s been told there’s not much to do.

“I tried to hire more staff. I never leave two people alone here. I always have more. I always have at least two at the back of the pharmacy and two at the front. I used to have a security guard on staff but it has moved on to more important things and it has been very difficult to get one and I know security companies find it hard to hire .”

Interior Health will install more cameras outside the building.

“Last night we received three separate reports from citizens. Members were present and unfortunately because it was so dark the surveillance could not help identify any possible suspects,” the constable said. Mike Della Paolera.


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