BiH continues cooperation with Austrian Ministry of Interior


Officials from the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs congratulated the representatives of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Foreign Affairs Service for the success achieved in recent weeks in the field of the forced return of illegal migrants to Pakistan, the BiH Ministry of Security announced.

During a meeting in Vienna with Peter Webinger, Director General of the Migration Directorate at the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, representatives of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sasa Kecman, and the Deputy Director of the SPS of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Mirsad Buzar, expressed their gratitude for the support of the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which in recent years has strongly supported Bosnia and Herzegovina in building capacity for effective migration management. On this occasion, the continuation of the process of expelling illegal migrants from BiH was discussed, and BiH’s plans in this area were presented.

The press release says they discussed continuing to assist the return of illegal migrants and preventing human trafficking. The Joint Coordination Platform (JCP) has provided significant support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fight against illegal immigration.

Financial and technical support in continuing this process was discussed with JCP officials Berndt Korner and Sanja Selak-Ostojić. Furthermore, the experiences of the Austrian Ministry of Home Affairs in the use of the Readmission Case Management System (RCMS), the purpose of which is to speed up the identification of migrants, are presented.

MP Buzar pointed out that this system would be very useful for Bosnia and Herzegovina because it would greatly simplify and, through the use of biometric data, speed up the determination of the identity of people residing illegally in our country, thus significantly shortening the period required for their deportation.

Also, these topics and projects of common interest were discussed with the representatives of the Joint Operations Office (JOO), according to the press release.


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