Behr launches anti-germ interior paint


Behr has taken paint performance one step further with the release of COPPER FORCE interior paint. The paint, powered by Corning Guardian antimicrobial technology, will provide building occupants, residents and owners with added protection by killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within two hours of reaching the surface.

“The impact of this innovation cannot be underestimated,” says John Gilbert, Behr R&D Director. “We’ve developed technology that elevates traditional hygiene efforts for interior spaces by providing an extra layer of protection against harmful bacteria and viruses on the painted surface, combined with the reliable performance of Behr Paint.”

Available in over 2,000 colors, its anti-germ efficacy lasts six years, which is based on EPA testing protocol as long as the integrity of the painted surface is maintained. “We are committed to keeping our customers happy and giving them peace of mind while continually innovating the painting experience,” says Jodi Allen, Chief Marketing Officer at Behr.

During two years of research and development, Behr collaborated with Corning Inc. to create the virucidal and antibacterial coating. Breakthrough technology, Corning Guardiant, uses the benefits of copper to kill viruses and bacteria.

“Our Guardiant technology stabilizes the most bioactive form of copper ions and releases them over time to allow surfaces to be continuously protected against harmful bacteria and viruses,” said Joydeep Lahiri, Division Vice President and Program Manager, Specialty Surfaces, Corning Inc. “Behr’s innovative paint delivers the essence of Guardiant’s value proposition: the power of metallic copper plus a wide range of color choices.


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