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IGK can help find workers

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International Gateway Kelowna is the oldest language school in the city, also offering diploma and college certificate programs.

Over its 20-year history, it has created an extensive network of international recruitment agents and immigration consultants. Using the needs of these clients to secure internships for those on the move wishing to work abroad or for those looking to immigrate to Canada, there is a wonderful opportunity for in-country training and overseas recruitment to support local businesses in desperate need of qualified personnel. Personal.

“We get inquiries from international agents who have clients wanting to come to Canada from Switzerland, for example,” says IGK recruiting director Blaine Melnyk. “These clients want up to 18 months of work experience abroad through the International Experience Canada program offered by the Canadian government. They first want to come and do an intensive English study program with us and then go to an employer for the next year or, in some cases, up to two years.

Alongside ESL language study programs, including college pathways and summer camps, IGK offers a Diploma in Business Administration, Professional Certificate in Cryptocurrency, Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate, and Winery and Sales Assistant Certificate. Programs last six to 18 months, with paid co-op and college transfer credits available. Additional certificate programs in UX and UI design, as well as a specialist degree in cybersecurity, are available for the January intake period.

“Career colleges can effectively adapt and adapt faster to the market, by offering theoretical and practical knowledge and by partnering with industry leaders to determine and develop courses to ensure training tailored to the needs of their field,” said CEO Onur Guler.

If you would like to know how to partner with IGK agents who are currently looking for local businesses or for one of IGK’s programs, they suggest a quick phone call.

IGK offers scholarships to local students if you apply and are accepted by July 1. [email protected] for more information or drop by the college at 618 Bernard Ave.

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