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Better known as All Things Chris, Christine Wangari is a celebrated interior designer and content creator. She has designed homes for Wahu, Betty Kyalo, Kamene Goro and Size 8.

She is warm and such a breath of fresh air. Upon entering her apartment, I could tell she poured her heart and soul into her space with surprising touches that make it a welcoming space.

Her apartment is chic and modern; soothing bedroom colors. One of the walls, which is gray, has two beautiful embellished portraits in black and gold and a teardrop mirror in the middle to create symmetry.

Christine fused inspiration from arching patterns as the backdrop and theme for her apartment. My attention is drawn to the arch pattern on the original wallpaper, carpet, cushions, cabinets and accessories. The cohesion of these arched patterns is striking and immaculate.

The dining table is elegantly adorned with blue-themed place settings and meticulously arranged accessories: a whimsical light fixture, an antique turquoise clock, and a chandelier stand give the dining space a stunning look. There are also decorative frames with beautiful, meaningful messages on the walls.

The rest of the apartment has a neutral palette on the walls, giving it a perfect canvas to create a seamless balance for the design. A shimmering crystal chandelier, bespoke cream suede microfiber sofas, and brown cushions with soft fur give the space a distinctive character.

The entertainment unit is her focal point, and two adjacent white shelves hold glamorous treasures, exquisite keepsakes from her travels. The central part of the shelves is black. “I used black contact paper to create depth,” says Christine.

Next to the entertainment unit is a huge square mirror in glamorous tiles. “This mirror creates an illusion of space and reflects natural light, and it adds a note of luxury,” she says.

Why this kind of style?

“I’m a millennial and passionate about the mid-century modern interior design style and all things glamorous,” she says.

She says personality needs to be infused into the house. Christine was a flight attendant for many years. She has traveled the world and there are things around her house that remind her of places she has visited, such as Malaysia, Italy and Dubai.

“Also, as an interior design expert, you have to put in place interior design principles, scale, proportion and balance and the focus for me is my center wall,” she says.

“Consider your space, your ceiling, your walls and your floor as an envelope. Make it as monochromatic as possible. For example, if you have the color gray, have it in all shades,” she says. His words, gestures and expressions are filled with pride and passion for interior design.

Her bedroom is inviting and cozy with white curtains, a brown headboard, plush brown throw pillows, beautiful lampshades and a fur throw over the quilted white bedspread.

“I get inspiration from Pinterest and some famous designers. Mikel Welch and Jeff Andrews inspire me,” she says

Christine advises that three things you can change in a house to give it a makeover without breaking the bank are: wallpaper (it’s affordable), have good lighting and create a mood board for of planning. “It will help you save your budget and reach your goals faster,” she says. [Nailantei Kenga]

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