5 Unique Interior Design Career Options You Can Opt For


The world of interior design is not limited to simple design tasks aimed at improving the quality and functionality of interior spaces, but it goes beyond. As the industry continues to evolve and grow at an unprecedented rate, interior designers are redefining their roles in the profession.

While most people think that the interior design industry is limited to the renovation of homes, offices or even public places, it has emerged far beyond and transformed into our lives like never before. . However, there is an ocean of career opportunities in the industry, and a designer can become a specialist in a specific area and provide professional interior advice in any of these areas.

Let’s look at the different areas of interior design:


Commercial interior designers provide advice and services to clients seeking tasks such as space planning and design of offices, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, community centers, studios, shops, museums, banks, schools and libraries. As a commercial interior designer, you may work closely with architects, builders, and engineers to ensure the overall design meets functional goals and stays within a stipulated budget.


It is one of the fastest growing areas of interior design specialization in the 21st century. Sustainable interior design services integrate healthy living and a “green” or sustainable lifestyle with conventional interior design. A sustainable design specialist must ensure efficient use of space, reduced energy consumption or energy efficient lighting.


As an interior design consultant, you can work for an architectural or design consulting firm. Real estate companies also hire the services of interior design consultants to help “increase” the appeal of the property to potential buyers. You can also work with furniture companies, be freelance or work independently.


Lighting design is important for all interior spaces, and many interior designers work solely in this niche. In modular homes, this aspect has become of utmost importance. The lighting changes and improves the appearance of the place; hence, this field is in demand now.

Lighting design services can also include creative illuminations of outdoor structures such as fountains, parks, monuments, and other outdoor landmarks. As a lighting designer, you need to decide and select the types, styles, arrangements and amount of lighting that best suits the interior space.


Residential interior designers can provide services to homeowners, home improvement stores, architects, and real estate companies. They may also work as freelancers at small interior design firms, architectural firms, or interior design consultants.

Residential interior designers will also help clients choose furniture, furnishings, textures, general interior design, lighting and its efficient use, space allocations, and color combinations.

The article is written by Mr. Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture.


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