3 Interior Design Elements From Kim Kardashian’s Incredibly Neutral Home


Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous Calabasas, California estate is truly unlike any home you’ve seen.

The now legally single billionaire’s real estate home is one that stops the tracks of anyone who’s seen videos or photos of space – minimalism doesn’t even quite describe the way the maze house is designed.

In a recent video, she revealed never-before-seen spaces (and objects) in her home to viewers around the world, documenting her tablet’s gender-neutral designs to viewers around the world. The cream-colored, neutral home, she says, should evoke a sense of serenity. “At home, everything is really minimal. I find there’s so much chaos in the world that when I come home I want it to be really quiet and I want everything to be soothing.

Light colors aren’t the easiest to maintain, especially in a home with four kids, so Kardashian, 42, makes it a point to explain why the space’s neutral color palette doesn’t carry over throughout the room. House. “I have the playroom – full of clutter. Rooms: a pink, a purple, a blue, a dinosaur. Each child can have their own style and taste in their room and have fun, but in the main house , I really like quiet.

If you too have been inspired to bring calm into your home, here’s how.

3 interior design elements we’re taking from Kim Kardashian’s neutral home:

Let the light in

If there’s one lesson we can easily learn from Kim Kardashian’s neutral home, it’s how much light she lets into her home and how strategically it’s let in. This may be due to the direction of his house or the fact that California’s sun isn’t as dazzling as Singapore’s (it’s the same sun, but you know what we mean), but the house of Kim seems to give off a warm glow even with the lack of color in her home.

The sun can be unforgiving here, but there’s nothing quality blinds or curtains can’t fix. Get them in an off-white hue that matches the rest of the house for the ultimate neutral look.

It’s all about contrast

Neutrality doesn’t have to be bland, and that’s clearly exemplified in Kim’s living spaces. Her monochromatic living room comes in a soothing shade of off-white, but there is still an individual piece within the room that stands out.

The plush, curved polar bear sofa and armchairs by Jean Royère bring a soft, cloudy touch to the neat lines of the fireplace, flanked by a long oval coffee table in the center. The key here, it seems, is to create contrasting lines and textures so that even with a singular color, your room isn’t as boring as you thought.

Change monochrome

Basketball courts are usually dressed in shades of red, blue and green, and die-hard fans often imagine theirs with colors that reflect those of their favorite team. We don’t think Kim plays ball that often, but she did mention that she wants it to match the house, making it another neutral-only situation. Her contrasting color of choice here is a muted black, which is a little different compared to the cream-colored living spaces inside. We like to think this adds to the practicality of the pitch, because no one wants to sweat a storm on a light-colored practice area anyway.

While we don’t have a sprawling California mansion waiting to be revamped, our take on Kim’s monochrome courts is to change whatever neutral color you choose in your living room into something a little different, perhaps. be in your bath or even your balcony space.


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